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PUBLIQLY is a platform built to address the needs of Small Businesses that want to grow their brand & business but have limited resources to do so. We are a social media consultancy non-profit organisation. There is a huge opportunity for avenues that can be leveraged by small businesses to build their brand & give wings to their business. Some services provided are: Social Media Platform, Giving Tips, Tools & Tricks to Build a Social Media presence.

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A complete guide to kickstart your Social Media Campaign

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Social Media 101

The main objective behind social media marketing is to create a channel that helps in promoting businesses by building an audience and engaging customers, thus helping in generating leads and driving sales. 

Now the question arises” how can an organization be efficient and successful enough to market a brand via social media? “

Social media marketing starts by formulating a strategy, promoting a brand, and performing an audit. It includes the incorporation of paid social media with the findings of the right analytic tools. Few things such as productivity hacks and resources should never be overlooked.

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