Content Writing Intern

About us:

PUBLIQLY is a platform built to address the needs of Small Businesses who want to grow their Brand & Business, but have limited resources to do so. There is an huge opportunity for avenues which can be leverage by small businesses to build their brand & give wing to their business. Some services provided are:
Social Media Platform, Giving Tips, Tools & Tricks to build a Social Media presence

Job Description:

We are looking for content writing interns who can write and research on how to optimize social media platforms

1) Working on being a strategic problem-solver for the various models on how to get the most social media reach.
2) Coordinating and connecting with the team on various projects.
3) Learning and applying SEO

1. Strong analytical skills with a go-getter approach.
2. Have leadership qualities to take charge of the team.
3. Strong interpersonal skills and willingness to communicate with team members.
4. Available for work from home.

What's in it for you:
1. A great company culture experience.
2. A great platform to boost or achieve your goals.
3. A supportive and flexible team.
4. A role that offers remarkable empowerment and learning
5. Letter of recommendation

Even if you don't meet the criteria 100% we encourage you to still apply. 

Employment Type: