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E-learning has been one of the fastest growing phenomena in the business industry in the past two years. With the shift to online education, the number of E-learning companies have increased. But how to stand apart? From a herd of competitors, standing apart becomes crucial and one of the prominent ways you can, as a small business, is to bring your idea of “ what sets you apart” to the social media platforms. 

However, branding your image can be tough as well as frustrating at times, but 

don’t worry, we have just the solution for you! With the shift of everything online, social media has become the answer for young entrepreneurs like you that are trying to make a change in the food industry. With the right strategies, tools and an optimistic team, you too can make your restaurant visible on different platforms. 

We here at Publiqly understand the importance of the building blocks of your campaign and thus, with great research and analytics have come with sample ideas:

  1. Consistent posting

  2. Relatable posts

  3. Usage of relevant images and videos

  4.  Posts with previous experiences to make people believe in their firm

  5.  Usage of previews of classes

  6.  Use of animations and videos

  7.  Highlighting the relevance of boards

Hashtags for different social media platforms:


#Hashtags                                       Post

  1. #elearning                          (1,416,489)

  2. #education                         (29,134,932)

  3. #onlinelearning                 (1,641,092)

  4. #learning                            (18,980,455)

  5. #edtech                               (759,581)

  6. #onlineclasses                   (1,800,062)

  7. #distancelearning             (1,050,507)

  8. #onlinecourses                  (556,774)

  9. #training                             (2,481,896)

  10. #learn                                 (12,731,084)

  11. #digitallearning                 (220,952)

  12. #onlinetraining                 (1,764,909)

  13. #technology                      (20,684,236)

  14. #elearningdevelopment  (48,957)

  15. #onlineeducation             (492,131)

  16. #edchat                              (267,551)

  17. #stayhome                        (55,980,975)

  18. #onlinecourse                  (670,125)

  19. #virtuallearning               (916,494)

  20. #remotelearning             (622,890)

Facebook & LinkedIn:

#Hashtags                                  Post

  1. #elearning                           (1.9M)

  2. #digitallearning                   (238K)

  3. #edtech                                (906K)

  4. #onlineclasses                     (1.7M)

  5. #learning                              (6.5M)