Beauty Model

Health beauty and fitness

In this generation and technology market, Health Beauty and Fitness brands have occupancy and are an integral part of  human lives.  Moreover, due to the impact of COVID-19 the healthy beauty and fitness industry has seen exponential growth.


Well, from that the health and fitness category is growing faster and faster as the rest as the economy is building. Many of the companies chose to recreate the brand position strategy through the industry.  

There are some keys to a brand success that can begin with Health Beauty and Fitness branding

  • Building  a brand that cuts through

  • Behaviors and attitude 

  • Developing a healthy beauty and fitness brand that all matters in the market.

Don’t worry, we have just the solution for you! With the shift of everything online, social media has become the answer for young entrepreneurs like you that are trying to make a change in the food industry. With the right strategies, tools and an optimistic team, you too can make your restaurant visible on different platforms.

We here at Publiqly understand the importance of the building blocks of your campaign and thus, with great research and analytics have come with sample ideas:

  1. Launch posts for new products and services

  2. Organizing giveaways 

  3. Partnering up with influencers to grow the brand

  4. Motivational posts to keep the momentum up 

Hashtags for different social media platforms:


#Hashtags                                        Post

  1. #healthbeauty                   (65,653)

  2. #skincare                            (87,980,944)

  3. #health                                (144,939,691)

  4. #beauty                               (479,743,839)

  5. #healthylifestyle                (98,070,507)

  6. #beautyhealth                    (51,035)

  7. #vitamins                            (5,779,482)

  8. #healthyfood                      (102,084,841)

  9. #healthyliving                     (36,958,662)

  10. #beautytips                        (8,231,686)

  11. #healthsupplements        (38,926)

  12. #fitnessjourny                   (31,730,912)

  13. #fitness                              (474,092,398)

  14. #gym                                  (221,090,681)

  15. #workout                           (193,135,799)

  16. #fitnessmotivation           (114,231,583)

  17. #fit                                      (182,047,133)

  18. #bodybuilding                  (121,025,677)

  19. #training                            (124,165,409)

  20. #gymlife                            (67,630,895)

Facebook & LinkedIn:

#Hashtags                                  Post

  1. #fitness                                 (74M)

  2. #fitnessmotivation     (16M)

  3. #healthcare                          (5.8M)

  4. #health                                  (35M)

  5. #beauty                                 (78M)