How are Hashtags Useful?

Even if you love them or hate them, hashtags are here to stay, but do you have an idea why hashtags are used? How useful can they be for your business, personal brand or reach?

Doubtful about the answer? Then let this post break the ice for you.

Let’s first understand what is a hashtag “#”? - The hashtag is symbolic of the pound key "#." It's one sharp note in musical notation and looks like a tic tac board.

Also, it’s quite evident that this symbol “#” resembles the concept of drawing importance, organization, promotion, and typical relation-building to it to join the conversation.

Now, let’s open up our minds to understand why hashtags are used by various brands.

1. Increase engagement with your followers

When you include hashtags in your post, this makes you a part of the conversation between you and your audience. However the Best part is that it makes your post visible to the audience.

Now, this leads to a greater connection with your audience which in turn gives you more engagement and reach. Profiles that have hashtags placed in captions have better reach, statistics of such are shown below (with reference to Instagram) :

  1. Profiles with under 5,000 followers receive an average of 36.85% more reach rate per post;

  2. Profiles with 5k-10k followers received 20.9%;

  3. Profiles with 10k-50k followers received 21.47%, and

  4. Profiles with 50k-100k followers received an average of 21.43% more reach per post.

This also helps your target audience find you.

2. Build brand awareness with branded hashtags

Whenever a brand categorizes a hashtag, it helps them to reach their target audience more effectively. People search and follow hashtags that interest them, that’s why brands get an edge to leverage them by using them. Support for some social issues can also be raised by using hashtags. For example:

#BlackLivesMatter – used 12,000,000 times.

#MeToo – used more than 19 million times

3. Add context to a social media post

Sometimes captions may not add much relevance as per the social media platforms. Say Twitter doesn’t allow much space for captions, long captions may not always be relevant on Instagram, and on any other platforms too. That’s why sometimes less is more and hashtags do this effectively.

Now, different platforms have different unspoken usage of hashtags. Let’s see that how you can optimise your hashtag for various platforms to get the best results:

  • Facebook - Roughly two to three hashtags

  • Twitter - One to two relevant hashtags are sufficient

  • Linkedin - 3 to 5 hashtags per post, but try not to keep it more than 3

  • Instagram - The optimal number of hashtags to use is 5-10

Sometimes, brands spend a handsome amount of money to get the best hashtags for them, but not everyone can do so. Adding more to it, finding the right hashtag can sometimes be tiresome work on your shoulders, but we got you covered. We can help you get the best working and the most efficient hashtags so that your brand could be the one that people are talking about.

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