Social Media Strategy: A Complete Guide to Kickstart Your Branding Campaign

Updated: Nov 1, 2021


Creating and engaging in content should be a very beneficial thing to be done for all the business owners or the social media founders and co-founders. When stuck in creating a social media presence or in building the community, there are several ways to kickstart the campaign. We must start by developing a social media strategy that will fit the brand voice and determine all the Social media objectives. Promotion is very important. We have to make a point and promote social media pages on the website and in marketing materials to gain followers. Once a community is built, we can start posting different things. Well, the question that comes here is what should we post to attract the audience and gain likes, comments and followers? What should we do to get sales and get a maximum reach?

These ideas and strategies will help in kick-starting your social media branding campaign:

  1. Contests

A post related to a particular contest will receive the highest engagement rates because it's very natural that people want to participate and be the winner so that they get a certificate, or an internship opportunity or a shout out or anything. Everyone loves that. There are some tools like Rafflecopter and Rignite which perfectly manage social giveaways and increase post engagement. So some ideas which can bring the contest entries and will make your page reach a larger audience are:

  • Share the posts.

  • Like the page on all social media platforms.

  • To put captions on an ambiguous photo

  • Hashtags are very important. We need to use that to get the campaign trending.

2. Images

Photos have high engagement rates on social media. Especially, if the photo is having one or two engaging one-liners, it will look superb. According to a report, maximum people consider images as an important part of business and social media. In any social media platform, we see images having more reach, likes than other things. The images can go around:

  • All the people who are behind the page

  • Any images from the event

  • Product and website images

  • Stunning points and activities

3. Inspirational Quotes

This is very motivating to almost all the people of the world. People love reading inspirational posts. If the quote is very practical or a very popular line from a famous personality, people love reading that as they can relate that to their life.

4. Videos

87% of people use video content to reach an audience. If the video is interesting having memes, music and some short liners, it can engage people and thus, the page reaches a high audience. It is said to be the fastest-growing type of social media post. Instagram and Twitter can be used for short videos. Facebook and YouTube for long videos, whatever, it should be interesting. Posting videos offer visual content and storytelling opportunities.

5. Post a question to spark conversation

This is a very good thing which can be done. We should ask our followers questions, make some Quora posts, some polls which will initiate conversations. This will also give valuable consumer feedback for future marketing decisions. This will help in increasing the reach and Kick-starting the campaign.

6. Sharing Blogs

We can put exciting blogs on the website which will provide relevant content to guide consumers. This is another great thing to get high engagement. Audiences love reading blogs that can serve a useful purpose.

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