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Social media marketing

The main objective behind social media marketing is to create a channel that helps in promoting businesses by building an audience and engaging customers, thus helping in generating leads and driving sales. 

Now the question arises how can an organization be efficient and successful enough to market a brand via social media?

Social media marketing starts by formulating a strategy, promoting a brand, and performing an audit. It includes the incorporation of paid social media with the findings of the right analytic tools. Few things such as productivity hacks and resources should never be overlooked. 

Create a social media strategy

The first and foremost thing Social Media marketing depends on is a proper strategy and roadmap which determines where to go and how to go. The team can work on the carefully crafted plan and develop complex and structural campaigns. 

Set your social media goals

Everyone likes fans and followers on their page however the  first thing is creating brand awareness, a consistent style, local community, and multi-channel social media strategy. Below are some tips to build social media in these channels.

  • YouTube

Keyword search must be done. The content should be developed in such a way that aligns with the brand's unique selling proposition. To get more subscribers and to make it more convenient for them, the use of graphics and editing styles is necessary. 

  • Instagram

The theme should be easily identifiable with a coherent style. Hashtags should be used with branded hashtags. Collaborating with other brands and making partnerships with influencers.

  • LinkedIn

The publishing schedule should be consistent and employees should be encouraged to share their content with others. 

  • Twitter

Creating fun twitter activities and participating in Twitter chats. A tweet content should be created which provides real value. 

Generating leads and sales

With a smart strategy, leads and sales can be generated. We need three things: awareness, interest, and conversion. We can encourage the audience to subscribe by publishing and with informative social media content. There should be good customer management which can keep the page or brand on top of the mind of the customers. 

Moreover, the most important thing that you can do to increase your page popularity is to be consistent. These steps are just formal and should be implemented but Consistency is something that can help us achieve our goals. The other thing is hard work. Keep working hard unless and until the goal is reached. A sweet fruit always awaits you. We need to work on diversified content to reach our audience. We can include graphics, photos, videos, boomerangs to make it more interesting and attractive. Short and funny two liners can also attract their attention. Video content should always be included as people love watching videos instead of still pictures. Thinking of how we can engage the audience? What content can we post?  What do people like? And a lot more ideas to think of. It does not matter what post or content you are putting, if it is good, any of the pages or posts will get followers. We must keep it visual, interactive, interesting pictures, one-two liners and boom, our page is the best one. 

Do's and Don'ts of Social media marketing

Most important Do's of Social media marketing

  • We should always set our goals and objectives clear and aim higher

  • We should always analyse the activities and the results which go on our page. We can take the help of different tools in doing this. 

  • Keep the Branding consistent otherwise the audience may not like it. 

  • Share the content which is interesting and valuable for people at the same time

  • We must make good use of social media advertising and the promoted content. Paid social media advertising can help boost your business as it drives more conversations and Revenues for the brand

  • We must keep the messaging consistent and connect with other channels as well. 

  • Also, the language of the content should be chosen according to the platform y LinkedIn can be formal whereas Facebook can be informal. 

Don'ts of Social media marketing

  • We should remember a few things, not to overdo things and make it excessive. Then the people may start losing interest. 

  • 1 post per day on Facebook and LinkedIn is enough. Twitter can have 10 tweets per day. 

  • We should never use engagement bait tactics as this looks very unprofessional. 

  • Also, we can keep this mind to focus on the quantity, not on quality. This means that even if the page has 10,000 followers, no output is there and half of them are spam accounts. This will never work. Even if the page has fewer followers, we should always do something which engages them so that they can share with their friends and family and this is how it will increase systematically.